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“May you always have a shell in your pocket and sand in your shoes.”


I’ve always suffered from a severe case of wanderlust.

Some travels have been documented (see links below), others have left their print only in memories.

On every return my suitcase would be heavy with souvenirs and keepsakes, some beautiful, some meaningful…mostly both.

As our little boy came along in 2013 travelling became slower, calmer. In 2015 Rosie joined us  so now its 4 of us on the road.

Taking our time to settle and really discover new places and their creative minds.

Wandering in little streets and alleys we’d bump into little (work)shops and meet kindred spirits.

NimZuTravels is where you can discover these local artisans – tailors and ceramic artists – and their work.


NimZu Travels – part II – Mexico

This year we took off to discovery the provinces of Yucatan and Campeche in mexico.

With two small children it was at time chaotic and busy but mostly fun, loud and unexpected.

Mexico is an exuberant country; the ever blue sky, the strong sun and colors everywhere.

In april you will be able to shop all these beauties I have brought back in my suitcase…can’t wait!

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NimZu Travels – part I – Thailand

In  january  2015 we traveled to Thailand.

Together with Malee and Sachee I sat in their tailorshop and designed bags, clutches and pillowcases made with antique Thai fabric.

Textile treasures found in the loud and lively Wararot Market in Chiang Mai.

One morning I met Jirawong in his beautiful ceramics workshop and was lucky to bring home some pieces of his work.


On our next stop in Barcelona by mid february  it was the hands of Miriam that I couldn’t resist..will you?

No blog was kept this year but some snippets can be found on NimZu’s instagram account


NimZuTravels is by no means a massive import/export business. All items are handmade and available only in limited editions (between 1 and 10).

They will be numbered and not restocked.

We will be at back home in antwerp on the 30Th of march and photos will need to be taken and items put in the webshop…

while you patiently wait here are some stories to feed your wanderlust


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