Handmade jewelry inspired by
travels, simplicity and vibrancy.

Natasha Casteleyn (°1979)

After having travelled the world during her twenties this Brussel-born wanderluster decided to settle down in Antwerp (Belgium)

She obtained a Master in Political and Social Sciences in Ghent and then headed to Barcelona, where she studied Documentary Film and Photography and lived for 8 years. A 2-year intermezzo in Buenos Aires (Argentina) awakened her creativity but it is truly during her one-year honeymoon through Australia and Southeast Asia , and the meeting of a  traditional Japanese master silversmith  that she discovered her talent and passion for silversmithing.

Nimzu’s trademark is elegance and simplicity. Natasha designs jewellery for young women who want to step away from fast-fashion and  search for quality and craftsmanship but at affordable prices.

She loves to play with the “stacked” concept. wering necklaces, rings and bracelets together to create a subtle yet unique result.

Every single piece of Nimzu jewelry is handmade in Natasha’s collective workspace Atelier Usine and created with sterling silver 925 or 14 carat gold.


“The minimalistic design keeps it pure and elegant, the silver and gold warm and playful.”


Natasha about Nimzu

“The geometry and simple lines of my collections keep it pure and elegant, the silver and gold warm and playful. Every collection grows organically. I want people to experiment with my bijoutry, the combinations are endless: a casual daytime ensemble might transform into a dressed-up night outfit by switching one single piece.”

Natasha is fluent in Dutch, French, Spanish and English. She is married to Frederik,  mother of Felix and Rosie.